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The Bramley Record - Annual Magazine    

Featuring 1916

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    4. Dates for your diary. 6. AGM Agenda  7. Minutes of the AGM  10. Treasurers Report 11. THe Great War 1916.  31 . An             Interseting Snippet. 32.  Chinthurst House, a talk by Anna Hunter.  35.  Another  Interesting Snippet.  36. Some Bramley             Women.  42. Another  Interesting Snippet. 43. Guildfor in WW II, a talk by David Rose.  45.  Another Interesting Snippet.            46. Bramley Walks.  47.  Bramley, well before man , a talk by Richard Seabourne. 53. Another  Interesting Snippet.54 The winners of The Dunsfold Charity Cup.

The Bramley Record - Annual Magazine    

Featuring 1915

Electronic copy £2.50   Hard Copy £2.50 plus 1.50 postage

5. Dates for your diary    8. AGM Agenda    9. Minutes of the AGM    12. Treasurers Report    13. Church House, Based on a talk by Patricia Pratt    19. The Great War 1915    47. Horsham and Guildford Direct Rail Line - Based on a talk by Michael Miller        51 The Battle of Waterloo    54. Post Boxes, Based on a talk by Tony Cross    56,. The Magna Carta


The Bramley Record - Annual Magazine    

Featuring 1914

Electronic copy £2.50   Hard Copy £2.50 plus 1.50 postage

5. Dates for your diary.   6. WW1—you may be able to help.   7. Photographic competition   8. Calendar 1915.  9. AGM Minutes.

15. A Bramley Family History.    20. The Great War 1914.    36. Wounded at Bramley.    39. Poppies    

40. January 2014 Meeting—Illustrations of Surrey     41. March 2014 Meeting— Bramley Fireworks.

43. The Duchess of Cornwall’s Visit to St. Catherines.    45. The Cubitt Family.    53. A memory of Evelyn Nash.

54. Agenda for the AGM.    55 The Treasurer’s Report.    56. A memory of Frank Hodges.    57. Bramley & Rhens Peace Bowl.

 58 Changes in the High Street

Our book

"Bramley's Home Front"

"A Surrey Village during World War II"

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ISBN 9780952840114

2005 saw the sixtieth anniversary of the end of WWII and in tune with the general national commemorations, Bramley History Society mounted an exhibition at the Bramley Fête. A great deal of work was done by committee members, gathering memories, and copying newspaper and official publications, to preserve details of those people left at home to cope with shortages, restrictions and the dangers of the Blitz and later bombings while the younger men went away to fight.

It seemed a waste of effort that all this work should be just stored away in the archives, and so the idea of this book was born.
If ever there was a civilians’ war, this was it.
The rise of air power since World War I brought, not just news of death and destruction, but the actualities right into our village. This book attempts to give a picture of civilian life in Bramley during and after World War II. ‘The Home Front’ was a Government slogan.
Inevitably, with over 80 people interviewed, it has been possible only to use extracts in this book, but all the full transcripts of peoples’ memories are stored in the Bramley History Society archives.
There are many books about World War II that run from 1939 to 1945, but this book is only partly chronological. It starts with the outbreak of war, and ends with the peace, but in between memories are generally given under subject matter, and so overlap.
Memories are fallible, and we have received varying versions of events. Wherever possible, checks have been made with official records.